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Board of Directors

All Directors of the AKI Board are shareholders, elected by fellow shareholders of the Corporation and represent both Akhiok and Kaguyak tribes.  The seven member board sets the overall direction of the corporation’s business, sets policies and selects the President/CEO.  Each of the seven members serve a three-year term and elects officers on an annual basis.

You can reach any of our Board Members using their email shown below.

  • Chair: Robert Simeonoff, Jr – Email
  • Vice-Chair: Pauline O’Brien – Email
  • Secretary:  Cheryl Eluska – Email
  • Treasurer: Gary Rozelle, Sr. – Email
  • Member: Fred Coyle Jr. – Email
  • Member: Ernie Berestoff – Email
  • Member: Ralph Eluska – Email

Office: 907-258-0604
Fax: 907-258-0608
Toll Free: 1-888-258-0337