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Akhiok-Kaguyak Inc., Native Corporation implemented a Land Use Permit System to regulate the use of our most valuable resource. AKI’s lands are open to entry by permit only. Protecting our lands from illegal trespass and abuse is the primary goal of the Land Use Permit System. AKI Lands are a focal point of security operations due to the high level of public interest generated by the island’s natural attractions for hunting, fishing and passive recreation. AKI security officers are responsible for enforcing the land use policies while working in cooperation with government authorities.

Use of AKI lands by anyone without a permit other than shareholders is considered trespass. Trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Some activities are not allowed or may be restricted on certain tracts of land. A permit fee is required for public and commercial activities.

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For purchase of or questions about the land use permits, please call at our office.

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