Land Use

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One of the benefits of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) of 1971 was to provide Alaska Native people with the opportunity to fully utilize and protect our traditional lands. Since our inception, Akhiok-Kaguyak, Inc. (AKI) has sought various ways to protect our lands and provide our shareholders with access to traditional subsistence resources.

AKI manages and protects our lands, providing opportunities for shareholders and others to utilize our lands responsibly. We regulate land use through a comprehensive lands monitoring and protection (LaMP) program. All non-shareholders are required to obtain a Land Use Permit prior to accessing AKI lands.

The climate is dominated by a strong marine influence. There is little or no freezing weather, moderate precipitation, and frequent cloud cover and fog. Severe storms are common from December through February. Annual precipitation is 35 inches. Temperatures remain within a narrow range, from 25 to 54 degrees fahrenheit.



With a lovely temperate marine climate, Kodiak promises outdoor fun, all year long. AKI lands are closed to all but commercial tourism through AKI approved commercial vendors.



Fishing on AKI Lands is as good as it gets!



Southern Kodiak Island offers some of the richest hunting in the world.

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For purchase of or questions about the land use permits, please call at our office.