Shareholder Insights: Protecting AKI Lands

Akhiok-Kaguyak, Inc. (AKI) CEO Mike Bradshaw, CGO Sherylyn Asch, and Cheryl Eluska Board of Directors Secretary have been working with Congressman Don Young, the Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Department of the Interior to ensure the requirement to protect AKI lands is enforced. In Mid-April, these three visited the office of Senator Lisa Murkowski in Washington DC to inform ongoing concern due to lack of adherence to the agreement. At the same time, we presented an environmentally friendly, and economically sound solution that will both meet the requirement, and provide a profit to AKI. Senator Murkowski was very interested and put the us in contact with a member of the Senate Appropriations committee. We are hopeful that we will be receiving funding and will launch this project soon. As more details become available, we will make announcements. We will also look forward to demonstrating this solution when a prototype is ready to launch.

The profits from all subsidiary companies directly benefit the shareholders of Akhiok and Kaguyak in the form of dividends, educating the leaders of tomorrow, and fostering community citizenship.

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