Akhiok-Kaguyak, Inc

Real People, Providing Real Solutions

About Us

Akhiok-Kaguyak, Inc. is an Alaska Native Village Corporation specializing in Government Products and Services, Commercial Real Estate, Hunting, Fishing, Tourism, and Lands Management. We represent the Sugpiat natives of the villages of Akhiok and Kaguyak located on Southern Kodiak Island.

Sugpiat means “Real People.” The Sugpiat Family of Companies are,
“Real People, Providing Real Solutions.”

We Are Sugpiat!®

It is the way our native people of the Kodiak Archipelago described ourselves prior to Western contact. Sugpiat culture is strong in the hearts, stories, and songs of our people, and is shared through the memories taught by our elders.

AKI values the revitalization of our Sugpiat heritage
through Shareholder outreach programs.


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ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018

Certificate No. UIT1187

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Certificate No. UIT1188


Appraisal #64432

Company History

Akhiok-Kaguyak, Inc. (AKI) was incorporated on June 29, 1979, as a result of the merger of Natives of Akhiok, Inc. and Natives of Kaguyak, Inc., both originally incorporated as Alaska Native Village Corporations under the Alaska Natives Claims Settlement Act of 1971.

Real estate served as the initial investment of the corporation and on November 6, 1996 1400 W Benson, LLC was formed with the purchase of a 5-story, 75,209 square foot, Class-A office building in Anchorage, Alaska.

On February 13, 2002 Olga Bay, LLC. was incorporated. Olga Bay provides commercial hunting, fishing, and tourism including bear and wildlife viewing, archaeological hikes, and art and photo tours, to fund the monitoring and protection of AKI lands on Southern Kodiak Island. This includes opportunities to view the prehistoric petroglyphs on our private lands at the southern tip of Kodiak Island, Alaska. The imagery of these ancient markings are captured in the icons of our many companies.

In 2017, AKI Board of Directors resolved to enter into Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) 8(a) Federal contracting. After an extensive search, a new CEO with vast experience in ANC Government contracting was hired. The new leadership created a vision for a Sugpiat Family of Companies. Sugpiat is the Alutiiq word meaning Real People. In December 2017, Sugpiat Group, LLC was formed to foster entry into Government Services as AKI’s flagship 8(a) company – Real People providing Real Solutions to the Government. Since then we have launched several other subsidiaries into the 8(a) marketplace including Supiat Defense LLC, focused on Risk Management, Cyber Resilence, and COOP; and Jadin Tech (acquired on January 2, 2018) with core capabilities including sUAS, Simuluation and Training, and Aviation Services. Our Sugpiat Family of Companies use an asset light business model to deliver leading-edge technologies.

We remain focused on growth and returning value to our shareholders by investing our financial assets to provide healthy returns far into the future.

The Alaska Native Advantage - The Most Accelerated Procurement Option


  • Alaska Native Corporations (ANCs) may be awarded sole-source contracts of any size. They are exempt from the 8(a)sole-source thresholds of $4 million for service contracts, and $7 million for manufacturing contracts (FAR 19.805-1)
  • ANC sole-source awards cannot be protested [CFR 124.517 (a)]
  • The ‘Head of Agency’ thresholds for native 8(a) contracts from $22-93 million is no longer at the head of agency level and can be delegated to a lower level within the agency
  • The approval threshold should NOT be seen as a barrier to awarding these contracts
  • ANCs may own multiple 8(a) companies [13 CFR 124.109 (c)(2)(iii)]
  • Small Business Administration defines all Alaska Native Corporations as Indian Tribes for purposes of eligibility for special programs (13 CFR 124)
  • “Indian organizations and Indian-owned economic enterprises shall have the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in performing contracts awarded by Federal agencies.” (FAR 26.102)



Mission & Vision


Delivering value-based solutions to our clients with corporate excellence reflecting our Sugpiat heritage.


Provide enrichment of future generations while honoring our elders and heritage through sustainable growth of company, shareholder programs and dividends.


Enduring People

We are a culture that has existed for thousands of years and we make our decisions with the understanding that we will continue to prosper as a distinct people. Akhiok-Kaguyak, Inc. is focused on growth and returning value to our shareholders by providing educational opportunities for our youth, ensuring stewardship of our land, and investing our financial assets to provide healthy returns far into the future.

Coming Together

Our shareholders come from diverse circumstances, living in remote Alaska villages to large cities throughout the world, and from respected elders to our exuberant youth. We embrace our diversity and recognize that it is a source of strength to help us grow and prosper.

Heritage and Culture

Throughout history the native community on Kodiak Island has repeatedly demonstrated its resilience and ability to adapt during periods of assimilation. As a result of our early contact with Russian explorers, and later with other western societies, we became separated from many elements of our traditional culture. AKI places the highest priority on maintaining a connection with our Sugpiat culture, and showing pride in our heritage with the way we manage the company and interact with our clients.

Planning Ahead with a Timeless Perspective

The Sugpiat people of the Kodiak Archipelago have traditionally relied on the land and sea for subsistence and our livelihood. We have always been sensitive to the cycles of the seasons and have recognized the need to plan ahead in order to be prepared for the future. As a corporation, we seek to embrace this forward-looking focus in order to prepare our youth for a technology-driven world, while never losing sight of the hard-work and perseverance that defined our ancestors and binds our culture even today.

Board of Directors

Pauline “Deidre” O’Brien


Ernie Berestoff

Vice Chair

Erik Berestoff


Cheryl Eluska


Ralph Eluska, Sr.


Fred Coyle, Jr.


Gary Rozelle, Sr.


Management Team

Sabrina Ben, PHR, SHRM-CP

Interim President & CEO

Matthew Pavlak

Chief Administrative Officer

Monica Wise

Vice President of Shareholder Relations

Tim Lowman

General Manager

Kevin Balisky

General Manager

Want to Know More?

As a Small Disadvantaged Business able to qualify in all NAICS, we invite teaming opportunities with industry partners.