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Village of Akhiok

Akhiok is located at the southern end of Kodiak Island at Alitak Bay. Akhiok is the most remote village on the island. The community was originally a sea otter hunting settlement, located at Humpy Cove. In 1881, residents relocated to the present site at Alitak Bay. Akhiok is an Alutiiq village dependent upon fishing and subsistence activities.The shoreline is characterized by narrow rocky beaches. During summer the grassy hills and flatlands that surround the town turn emerald green and burst with colorful wildflowers. Akhiok was originally established as a sea otter hunting settlement by the Russians. Today it enjoys a strong sockeye and pink salmon run in its rivers and streams. The community is also rich in sea mammals and birds and the original village site on the Aliulik Peninsula has a high brown bear density. Ancient Alutiiq petroglyphs are preserved nearby. Akhiok enjoys a strong Orthodox faith-based community where the subsistence lifestyle is the norm for the majority of residents. The community is fortunate to have 22 Alutiiq dancers ranging in age from two years to adult; this group performs for visitors and across the state of Alaska. Akhiok can only be reached by water or air.

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Village of Kaguyak

The historic Village of Kaguyak is located at the head of Kaguyak Bay, on the southeast coast of Kodiak Island. The community is located in the Kodiak Recording District. Kaguyak is a local Alutiiq name. The earthquake of 1964 generated a tsunami which virtually destroyed the village. The village is itself abandoned. AKI is building a cabin on the historic site for use by our Shareholders.

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Photography Tours

Capture the magic of the Midnight Sun! Join our local, professional photographer partners as they guides you in capturing the breathtaking beauty of the Kodiak. The area is rich in sea mammals and birds, while the original village site on the Aliulik Peninsula has a high brown bear density, and ancient Alutiiq petroglyphs are preserved near the present village. Natural history and historical narratives are provided along the way. A flexible itinerary allows for spontaneous stops to capture just the right light and shadow as the sun makes its way across the sky.

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Alaska Kodiak Bear Viewing

Photograph Alaska Kodiak bear in Southern Kodiak Island, beautiful Olga Lakes, and the historic Village of Kaguyak. Your destination on this air and water adventure depends on the bears location and the season.

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Plein Air painting Classes

Get outside and capture the fresh air in your painting! This workshop will explore scenic areas in and around Kodiak Island with the goal of a finished painting. This workshop is appropriate for all levels with a basic understanding of the materials. Color, atmosphere, perspective and more will be covered on site. Emphasis will be on using color to show shape and form, seeing the large shapes and keeping the painting fresh! Instructor will offer demonstration and critique along with individual attention to each students needs. Students will need a portable easel (instructor has a couple to lend if arrangements are made ahead of time).

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All tours are customized for our guests

You will stay in cozy rental home in Akhiok, in a rustic cabin on Olga Lakes, or in the remote Village of Kaguyak. Due the remote nature, our travel planner will coordinate with you regarding meal prep, travel, and other details to ensure your plans are complete and you are fully prepared for your once in a lifetime bucket list vacation.

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